Starting an online business is easier than ever with the help of social media. Pursue the life of time and income freedom with these courses below!

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The Wealth Revival Academy provides a system for creating, launching, and automating a profitable course or coaching program.

Learn how you can build your own dream life with a digital product business.

With over 1,000 students enrolled, YouTubepreneur teaches beginner to advanced YouTubers viral growth tactics, how I replaced my full time job within 1 year on the platform, and how to build a sustainable business leveraging YouTube. 

THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE to Growing Your Audience & Income with YouTube


It's more than just creating YouTube videos, posting "more" reels, or going live on Instagram every week. How do you actually create an audience who will knock down your door to sign up for your programs, buy from your links, and watch your every move? Let alone, get them on your email list?

Learn the exact steps on how I've generated over $1,000,000 online by creating a tribe of people who will follow me anywhere. 

Dominate your niche and effortlessly magnetize your soulmate audience through Instagram.

Insta Impact

So what happens if that social media platform you're on decides to change it rules drastically? Or ever worse, what if it shuts down all together? Email is SUCH an under-utilized tool for influencers. It's one that will not only help turn your followers into buyers, but also help protect you from adverse changes in the social media space.  

Everything you need to know about growing and monetizing your products through email.

Million Dollar Newsletter

By now I'm sure you know about me (Hayley;), but Doug is the other half to this brand, even if it is behind the scenes. 

Before becoming in charge of all the tech, funnel, and marketing aspects of our company, he ran a team of people at a well-known marketing agency in LA for 5 years doing SEO for large brands like Home Depot and Toyota, getting their products ranked in Google before helping me scale this business.

Ask any of our students/ clients, Doug is instrumental in their success and is responsible for building multiple six figure a year sales funnels (email, advertising, etc.) and also runs the sales team at DIF.

Hey! We're Hayley & Doug. Husband and wife/ co-owners of our brand Digital Income Family,

Meet your teachers

Our programs cover all the bases of leveraging social media and a following (no matter the size) to make a sustainable income generating online business that goes beyond just focusing on growth tactics.

Building a team to scale your course for you

Automating your course for passive income

Going from course idea to profit

Content creation and building a tribe

Social media growth

Join us in the classroom as we cover:

This has been the foundation of OUR online course business for the last two years. Once WE learned the power of leveraging your following to make sales, WE'll never stop at teaching on growth again. 

"We won't just teach you how to get followers."

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