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To be transparent with you, this was one of the most costly mistakes I made early on. I assumed I needed a huge audience, so I put off pursuing courses for a year and little did I know, I could have been profiting that entire time, but because of my fear and false beliefs, I put it off. The majority of our students now have small to mid sized audiences and are hitting income goals they never thought possible.

Should I focus on growing my audience before starting an online course?

Absolutely not! The majority of the people we work with right now start their accounts upon working with us. We not only help you grow from the ground up, but we put together a personalized business plan that helps you meet minimum 10k months in 60 days. I'm sure you're reading this and thinking "Yeah right! With little to no following, that's impossible!" Well, we make the impossible happen. Don't believe me? Check out our testimonial page here

Do I HAVE to be an influencer to start an online course or get value from your programs?

This is a hilarious assumption that will cost you so much $$$ if you believe this lie. Right now we have students who aren't qualified, haven't finished college, and have relatively small social presences that are making more than influencers who rely on brand deals with large accounts. Why and how?? Because they start selling their products from DAY ONE. They didn't wait to feel "good enough" to start helping and teaching others. They simply just teach one step ahead of where their audience is at! 

I'm not an expert at anything! How could I possibly sell an online course or coaching program? No one would believe me!

The best part about many of our programs is we listen to your dream lifestyle and work backwards with you. Many people don't want to have to build out a sales team or manage coaches to help their students. A ton of our students simply are looking to sell an online course with the goal to turn it into passive income. There are several different ways to reach your goals, depending on the lifestyle that you want and you definitely don't have to coach 1:1 to make them happen!

I don't want to coach people 1:1. I just want passive income!

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