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We want to help you develop yourself, build wealth, and strengthen the family unit - here's how!

Better your self, learn how to generate wealth, and build a lasting family legacy through our free mini course!

Free Course: Freedom Path Revival

In this mini course you'll learn: 
  • Crafting your new life story
  • Crushing limiting beliefs and building new ones
  • Stop sleepwalking through life
  • Focusing on wealth principles and start focusing on generating revenue
  • Choosing a niche that fits your goals and lifestyle
  • Our strategies to building a strong, integrated family
  • More

Learn what it takes to plan, start, and take your next step towards making money with online courses. Over the course of 5 days, you'll envision your different life, find your niche, price your product, write out a social strategy, and map out the next 12 months.

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Free Challenge: $100k in 12 Months


These books have strengthened family bonds and further developed our childrens (and our) moral compass beyond any movie could do. We read during meal times, before bed, or when our 2 year old has busy hands with playdough, etc. It takes creativity, but is worth it!

Reading aloud to our kids has drastically improved their quality of life, and ours.

20 classic books to read aloud as a family

It isn't impossible to make a living on YouTube, but it's not as simple as it used to be. Learn what it takes to make a livable income (and MORE) through YouTube with our free masterclass.

From a former full-time YouTuber

The Secret to Income & Growth on YouTube

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This is a hot topic but today we’re going to share how we became a screen free family meaning no iPad, no tv, no video games, no youtube and what people don’t talk about...

Help get your kids off the screens and into the world. It can be challenging but 100% worth it!

Becoming A Screen Free Family In The Age of Distraction

Almost ANYTHING can be a course idea, but if you're still unsure or don't know where to start, check out our course idea list and see if anything sparks something within you!

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